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Terms and Conditions of site use

The “My Pentax” website, which may be accessed via the address (herein after referred to as “the Website”), is published by RICOH IMAGING EUROPE SAS (herein after referred to as “PENTAX RICOH company”), a simplified joint-stock company with a sole partner, with a capital of EUR 750,000, registered in the Pontoise Trade and Companies Register under number B 519 989 420, head office located at:

Parc Tertiaire
7-9 avenue Robert Schuman - BP70102
94513 Rungis
Telephone: 01 30 25 75 75
Fax: 01 30 25 75 76
E-mail: my at ricoh-imaging dot eu

Publication director: Chairman of RICOH IMAGING EUROPE SAS

The Website is hosted by: Host Europe Gmbh, Welserstr. 14, 51149 Köln – Deutschland

* * *

The Website is intended to offer a specific number of free services.

The main services offered by the Website are:

  • The creation of an individual account
  • The possibility of subscribing or unsubscribing to the PENTAX RICOH newsletter
  • The possibility of registering PENTAX RICOH products
  • The possibility of downloading the invoice or warranty form associated with the purchase of a PENTAX RICOH product
  • The use or a cookie to improve the browsing experience in various PENTAX RICOH sites.

These general terms and conditions of use apply to relations between PENTAX RICOH and any person using the Website (herein after referred to as “the Users”) under the terms and conditions stipulated herein under.

Access to the site and conditions of use

Any and all access and/or usage of the Website is contingent on the full, complete and unreserved acceptance of all the terms and conditions stipulated in these general Terms and Conditions of Use.

Access to the Website or its contents, uploading, posting or downloading to and from this Website or any other use of the said Website and of its contents accordingly commit the User to compliance with these general Terms and Conditions and with all legal measures in effect.

PENTAX RICOH reserves the right to withhold access to the Website from any User who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use. The company may also take all measures, including legal recourse, to uphold its rights and ensure that any infringement by the User of these general Terms and Conditions are penalised.

Website contents

Intellectual property

The Website is the property of PENTAX RICOH which operates it.

Subject to stipulations to the contrary, all items in the Website, in particular, text, brands, company names, logos, products, domain names, presentations, graphics, illustrations, photographs, videos, structures and layout are the exclusive property of PENTAX RICOH or of its partners.

Any representation, duplication, incorporation, broadcast, adaptation or deferred transmission in part or in whole is accordingly prohibited. Any person undertaking such without being able to produce evidence of prior, formal authorisation from the holder of the rights relating to the items on the Website, as used without authorisation, shall face legal action for counterfeiting.

Similarly, all representation, duplication, incorporation, broadcast, adaptation or deferred transmission in part or in whole of the database stored in the Website is prohibited without prior formal authorisation from the holder of the rights relating to the database in use.

The Website User is not granted any license nor any right other than the right to view the Website.

It is stipulated that the duplication of all items or documents on the Website for information purposes is, however, authorised, provided that it is for strictly private and personal usage.

Any and all duplication and, in general, all usage of copies of items or documents on the Website for other purposes are strictly prohibited.

In all events, all authorised copies of all or part of the contents of the Website must include a reference to the said Website as well as “PENTAX RICOH”.

All rights not formally granted herein are reserved.

Hypertext links

  • Hypertext links on the Website

PENTAX RICOH formally declares that external Internet pages linked to the Website by means of indirect or indirect reference were devoid of any illegal or unlawful content at the time when the links were implemented.

With regard to links to sites independent of the Website, PENTAX RICOH stipulates that it has no influence on the current or future composition of pages linked by means of a hypertext link to the Website. In the event of illegal, erroneous, incomplete content and in particular in the event of damage which may arise from the use or failure to use information offered therein, liability shall be incurred exclusively by the provider of the said linked pages.

Furthermore, PENTAX RICOH shall not accept any liability within the limits of applicable law directly or indirectly arising from access to or browsing of external sites, usage of information which the User finds on said external sites or from the loss of information arising from the use of by the User of hypertext links.

  • Hypertext links to the Website by third parties

Unless authorised in advance and in writing by PENTAX RICOH, links by third parties, as specified below, are prohibited:

  • To the home page of the Website
  • To any specific page in the Website
  • To a document stored on the Website.

Authorisation requests should be sent to the publication Director of the Website.

Passwords and User account

The User is liable for the fact that his or her password, account number and other information remain confidential along with all activities concerning the User account.

The User is solely liable for his or her password, account number and other information required to identify the said User as a member. He or she must ensure that said data remain confidential. It is up to the User to take all necessary precautions to protect his or her data against attack.

PENTAX RICOH must be immediately informed by the User of any unauthorised use of the User’s account by a third party.

PENTAX RICOH newsletter

Access to the Website enables the User to subscribe to the PENTAX RICOH newsletter. The User can unsubscribe to the newsletter directly from his or her User account on the Website or indirectly by means of a hypertext link in each of the newsletters sent to the User. 

Saved warranty forms

Access to the Website makes it possible for the User to download, from his or her user account copies of the invoice or warranty form for purchased PENTAX RICOH products. PENTAX RICOH shall not make any use of this document, but does offer this service to Users in the event of theft or loss of any PENTAX RICOH camera in order to provide evidence of purchase for insurance purposes.

Use of cookies

The creation of a user account on the Website automatically creates a “cookie”, an invisible file which is saved on the User computer and which contains information connected to the User account. The purpose of this file is to provide the User with a better browsing experience in various PENTAX RICOH websites by collecting browsing information on PENTAX RICOH sites.

The information stored in the cookie file is under no circumstances shared, leased or sold to third-party companies or for any other purpose. PENTAX RICOH undertakes to do its utmost to preserve the confidentiality of said data.

Furthermore, PENTAX RICOH stipulates that cookies cannot be used to identify the User and that the retention term for information stored by cookies in the computer is six months.

However, as per the recommendations of the CNIL (French National Data Protection Commission), PENTAX RICOH hereby informs the User that s/he may block the saving of cookie files by configuring his or her web browser accordingly (information is available at the site, sections “mentions cookies” and “les cookies”).

Personal data protection

Data of a personal nature collected on the Website when creating a user account are intended to improve quality of service and better to fulfil the User’s expectations.

The recipient of said data is PENTAX RICOH, its subsidiaries and the third-party company tasked with sending newsletters. PENTAX RICOH undertakes not to lease or sell said data to third parties.

Collection, recording, conservation and usage of said personal data are ensured with rigorous compliance with French law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 (amended) concerning data processing, files and privacy and referred to as the “Informatique et Libertés” law.

The User may accordingly exercise his or her right to access, correct and delete data of personal nature which concerns him or her. Furthermore, the User may exercise his or her right to prevent the processing of said data by our company for legitimate reasons, subject to legal provisions.

The User may exercise said rights by e-mail by writing to my at ricoh-imaging dot eu or to the following land mail address:

Service CRM – Données personnelles
7-9 avenue Robert Schuman - BP70102
94513 Rungis

Liability limitations and exclusions

PENTAX RICOH strives within the limits of its possibilities to ensure the accuracy of the latest available information on its Website. The company reserves the right to correct contents on the Site at any time without notice. The company shall not be liable for content in other sites to which links have been created in the Website, nor for their use by the User. The company accordingly informs the User that the User is responsible for verifying information by other means including contacting the company.

PENTAX RICOH does not guarantee the match for any purpose whatsoever between the information stated in documents and related data on the Website.

PENTAX RICOH shall not be held liable within the limits of applicable law for any inaccuracy or omission concerning the information on the Website, nor for any removal of data or electronic messages, breakdowns, defects, delay in use or interruption and, more generally, for any direct, indirect or unforeseeable damage or any other damage arising in particular from the use of the Website by the User or its unavailability, operating breakdown, credit given to any information directly or indirectly from the Website, data loss or lost earnings, irrespective of whether such stems from a contractual operation, negligence or any other cause, caused as a result of or in relation to usage of the Website or of the information provided thereon.

Similarly, PENTAX RICOH declines all liability for damage arising from fraudulent intrusion by a third party causing a modification to the information made available on the site.

The PENTAX RICOH does not make any guarantee that there are no viruses on the Website or its contents, nor other items which may feature harmful or destructive characteristics and shall not be held liable for any damage therefrom.

In the event that, following inappropriate or erroneous or non-compliant usage by the User of the Website, PENTAX RICOH is required to incur expenses, including but not exclusively the reconstruction of the Website, compensation to other Users or third parties, the User undertakes to compensate PENTAX RICOH upon request by it and upon presentation by the company of documentary proof of said expense incurred. The User accordingly undertakes to compensate the company for all prejudicial consequences directly and indirectly relating to the usage he or she makes of the said Website.

Modifications of the TCUs / miscellaneous

Any waiver by PENTAX RICOH of one of the clauses in these Terms and Conditions of Use in favour of a User shall be formally stipulated in writing and signed by PENTAX RICOH.

In the event that one or more clauses in these Terms and Conditions of Use are inapplicable or legally invalid, the other clauses shall remain unaffected insofar as possible and shall continue to apply in full. In all events, PENTAX RICOH shall continue to exercise all its rights, including those not formally stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

PENTAX RICOH reserves the right to amend any one or more of these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time and its discretion, along with the rules and guidelines for the Website. When said Terms and Conditions of Use are amended, the date of the said conditions shall be amended accordingly.

Any amendment shall enter into effect upon publication on the Website. Continued usage of the Website after publication of amendments shall be deemed full and unreserved acceptance by the User of the said amendments. Consequently, it is recommended that the Terms and Conditions of Use be read each time the site is visited.

Users are welcome to contact us at the following e-mail address, my at ricoh-imaging dot eu, if they require explanations concerning the contents of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website, if they wish to use the Website in a manner not authorised by the said Terms and Conditions or if they have other questions.

Applicable law / Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to French law.

Any dispute arising from the validity, interpretation, application or termination of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be referred to the courts exercising jurisdiction over the head office of the PENTAX RICOH, even for rulings in chambers, incidental submissions, requests for guarantees or a plurality of defendants, subject to legislative or regulatory measures instituting specialised jurisdictions in specific fields. PENTAX RICOH may, however, refer its case to any court with appropriate authority, in particular such courts as have jurisdiction over the head office or domicile of the User.

Rights on images

The user agrees to transfer to RICOH IMAGING EUROPE and any company of the RICOH group  the reproduction and exploitation rights for the content that it publishes online, worldwide and for the duration of the copyright protection, including in particular the right to publish this photograph in full or in part on any of the websites of RICOH IMAGING EUROPE and the websites of the RICOH group. He/she warrants to RICOH IMAGING EUROPE that he/she holds all intellectual property rights to this photograph and that this photograph does not infringe on any rights of a third party.

For technical reasons, the user acknowledges that his/her name or pseudonym shall not appear or is not likely to appear on the photograph.

He/she warrants that his/her photograph does not infringe on the image rights of any third party and that he/she has obtained the consent of all persons shown in the photograph to publish it on the site “MyPentax” and on  all websites of the RICOH group. Any comment or vote published on the “MyPentax” site may be reused and published on any website of the RICOH group.

In compliance with Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, the user can notify RICOH IMAGING EUROPE of any content on the website that he/she finds illicit such as any content inciting hate or violence, offending the standards of public decency, of a pornographic or paedophiliac nature, invasive of privacy, infringing on intellectual property, etc.  

RICOH IMAGING EUROPE may then choose to remove or modify this content and/or prohibit its publication, just as it may control any content published online by a user and decide to remove it should it be deemed illicit.

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